I originally planned only to publish my books electronically but at the last moment decided to go for a print version too as several friends requested one. I am so glad I did.

For ages I’ve been primarily reading via electronic devices (often my iPad mini rather than kindle – so I can read in bed without the lights on) and I’ve been an ebook evangelist – and a very early adopter.  I still love proper printed books – but the house is bursting at the seams with them – despite several clear outs and Oxfam donations.

Having decided to go down the printed route too, I can’t tell you how glad I am. The feel of a real paperback is a million trillion times better than seeing a listing on Amazon. And it’s not just me the author – as soon as I produced the physical copy people who had been aware of the book on Kindle were congratulating me again and saying I should feel really proud. It was almost as if the book didn’t really exist until it had manifested itself in the real world. I think the book looks really fabulous (thank you Jane Dixon-Smith – who is brilliant and very reasonably priced) and could hold its own in Waterstones!

I used Create Space (another Amazon owned company) and the process was easy and cost nothing until I ordered the proof. You will of course need to pay for artwork for spine and back cover whereas ebooks need only front – in my case it was a small additional cost – and many people go DIY anyway (not something I’d recommend).

So fellow writers – even if you intend to market your work exclusively through electronic outlets (and there are many more than Amazon!) do at least set your book up as a print file and even if you only order a single proof copy do it! There’s nothing like seeing your own real book on a real shelf.

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