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The Chalky Sea

Page banner for the novel 'The Chalky Sea' by Clare Flynn

Two damaged people struggle to find their way in a turbulent world.

In July 1940, Gwen Collingwood drops her husband at the railway station, knowing she may never see him again. The following morning her humdrum world is torn apart when the sleepy English seaside town where she lives is subjected to the first of many heavy bombing attacks.

In Ontario, Canada, Jim Armstrong is debating whether to volunteer, until his decision is made for him when he uncovers the secret his fiancée has been keeping from him. A few weeks later he is on a ship bound for England.

Gwen is forced to confront the truth she has concealed about her past and her own feelings. Jim battles with a bewildering and hostile world far removed from the cosy life of his Canadian farm. War brings horror and loss to each of them – can it also bring change and salvation?

The Chalky Sea has been awarded a coveted Discovered Diamond review. It has also been shortlisted for the October 2017 Book of the Month award – honour indeed. Discovering Diamonds is a website devoted to reviews of historical fiction. Here’s what they say about their purpose:

“We are fussy: we only publish reviews of the best books, so we also take note of correct presentation and formatting as well as the quality of writing – and when space and time are limited we may only select a few books a month to review . This will mean that if your book is selected to be reviewed then you know it is of an approved status, especially if it receives the accolade of Book Of The Month – or better still, Book Of The Year.


Book Details

Published: 15th June 2017

Publisher: Cranbrook Press


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