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Letters From a Patchwork Quilt

Banner Image of The Front Cover of the Novel 'Letters From A Patchwork Quilt by Clare Flynn

When Jack Brennan meets Eliza Hewlett in 1875 they are both eighteen, full of hope, ambition and expectation. They fall in love at first sight. Their plans to marry are threatened when Jack is falsely accused of fathering his landlord’s daughter. All Jack has ever wanted to do is write poetry, work as a teacher and marry Eliza. When he is dragged from the deck of the ship he and Eliza are about to escape on to America, all these dreams are shattered. Eliza is left trapped on a voyage into the unknown with only a few shillings in her pocket.

Letters From a Patchwork Quilt was inspired by elements of my own family history – I had no idea my great grandfather lived in Derby, Bristol and Middlesbrough. My Granny was born in the pub he managed in Middlesbrough. As I was puzzling over what had caused him to travel about the country so much – he died in Wrexham in Wales – I decided to steal some of the places he had lived in and jobs he had done  as a teacher and a publican and weave a story around them. Apart from the places and the jobs, my Jack is very different from the great grandfather I never knew. I hope my Granny’s father had a happier life than Jack did.

Readers Favourite Five Stars BadgeLetters From a Patchwork Quilt has been awarded 5 stars by Readers’ Favourite, which said:

“The story is different, original and touching. The plot is powerful and the characters will remain in in the minds of readers eveb after they finish the story. It’s a story of love, loss and tragedy; a heartbreaking and moving tale where readers will wish to see Jack and Eliza reunited and happy together. The narration is descriptive; it also speaks about the society that existed during that age and pulls readers into the story.”

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Book Details

Published:  24th Sept 2015
Publisher: Cranbrook Press
ISBN:  978-0-9933324-1-8
Kindle ASIN:  B015T8QF38

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