And so we reach the end of the month of April and the daily blogs will cease and I will take a little break. I’ve enjoyed bringing you these alphabetic snippets and insights into my novels and I hope you’ve enjoyed them. Producing a fresh post every day (except Sundays) for the whole month and dreaming up topics for each letter has been something of a challenge!

Tomorrow I’m off for a few days to my favourite writing retreat down in Devon where I will be working on edits for CYNARA’s SHADOW so I can get the book off for editing and start readying it for publication. I will also be taking advantage of that fresh Devonian air to relax, walk and yes catch up on those ZZZZs!

So here’s your last chance to win one of the books.
APRIL A to Z GIVEAWAY – win one of my novels
Leave a comment below today or after on any of of my A-Z posts on this Blog during April. On May 1st I’ll pick FIVE lucky winners from all the comments (so the more often you leave a comment the greater your chance to win – maximum one comment per day). As I will be blogging about aspects of the books with quotes from them you will get a flavour of what they’re about and how I write.

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