I’m sharing three short extracts today, each of them featuring a first kiss.


He eased her away and looked down at her. It was almost unbearable to see the pain in his eyes and at that moment there was nowhere else but here and now, with him. Her mouth moved up to his. His lips were soft and warm and she closed her eyes. Just as the kiss became more urgent, he broke off, brushing his lips over her brow before holding her away from him at the end of his outstretched arms. He continued to hold her eyes with his.
‘I killed me brother’ he said.


He held me against him, and I buried my head in his chest while he stroked my hair. I drank in the smell of him, the faint sweetness of spices and fresh lemon, mixed with the leather of his jacket. We stood together like that, kissing long and deep and, if it hadn’t been for the fact the sun was sinking, I’d have lain down with him there among the kurinji flowers and given myself to him, body and soul.

From my latest book, CYNARA’S SHADOW (out later this year):

Passing the park on their walk home, he pulled her aside under cover of darkness, into the recessed gateway, where he pressed her up against the stone pillar and finally kissed her. At first he thought she was affronted. She looked startled and pulled away from him and his heart almost stopped beating. He’d messed it up good and proper. But she looked up at him, locked her eyes on his, then with a mumbled ‘Come here’ fastened her lips on his again and kissed him until he thought he’d die for lack of breath and an overdose of happiness.

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