Photo of Landscape in IndiaI’m now well and truly in India in the book. Still doing some scene setting and introducing new characters in my mythical town of Mudoorayam. We’ve visited the house and just now the Club. It’s Ginny’s first time “on display” in the claustrophobic little hill station community – quite a scary prospect for an 18 year old.

The photo here is one I took in Munnar. I was quite unlucky with the weather there and most of the time saw the tea gardens through a deluge of rain. In the book I can of course control the weather. Oh the power!

At the moment, and probably because I’m setting up the place and the people, I’m finding it hard going. Once I get more deeply into the action I hope it will flow more freely – but I’m having to push myself quite hard. This weekend I’ve done about a thousand words a day – I’ve set a target of just 500 a day averaged across the week – as I have a lot of project work on at the moment. Today the word count has reached over 14k. It would be wonderful to push it up to 20k by this time next week, but as I also have a lot of research to do that’s probably not realistic.

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