Image of a Pie ChartA very quick post tonight as I’m tired and have really struggled to crank out my thousand words today. I’ve been skiving over the weekend (including what for me was the most thrilling moment – holding aloft the FA Cup!) and today has been a combo of “work-work”, book research and writing.

Anyway now almost up to 40,000 words so well on the way. My target is somewhat arbitrary – it’s 125,000 words – but the book may end up being shorter or longer (A Greater world is just over 120,000 words – and anything around 80,000 is probably fine – but always good to set a stretching target – just to scare myself into keeping up the momentum.

Apart from anything else if I don’t write regularly I lose track – just a few days away and I find I’ve completely forgotten I’ve even written chunks of it – probably as it’s always swirling round my head so I’m never sure what’s captured and what’s still churning away up there! I’m always going to write something and find it’s already done.

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