W BloggingBoth my published novels, A GREATER WORLD and KURINJI FLOWERS mention Wuthering Heights. In the former, Elizabeth is reading the book when Michael comes upon her “trespassing” on a crew-only deck.

Emily Bronte’s novel also appears on board ship in KURINJI FLOWERS. Ginny’s aunt, Pud, makes her a gift of the book when she sets sail to India – to remind her of her time staying in Yorkshire.
Here’s the scene from A GREATER WORLD:

‘What’re you reading?’

‘Wuthering Heights.’

‘What do you think to Emily Bronte?’

She looked at him in surprise.

‘Aye. I’ve read it.’ His voice was cold and Elizabeth realised he must be think her no better than Mrs Briars: a snob who assumed a miner must be uneducated and ill-mannered. The words stumbled out of her mouth as she hurried to speak and to cover any unintended offence.

‘I first read it years ago when I was at school. I’ve just finished re-reading Jane Eyre. But I thought she was a bit of a prig.’

‘Catherine Earnshaw more to yer taste?’

‘No. Stupid girl. I can’t imagine what possessed her to marry Edgar Linton when she was so in love with Heathcliff.’

‘You like Heathcliff then?’

‘Gosh no. He’s positively evil. Yet when I was a girl I thought him the most romantic character.’

‘A bit too rough and ready for you, eh, Miss Morton?’

‘Not at all. He’s a cruel man. Not my idea of a romantic hero at all.’

‘I dare say you’re right. But then I doubt I’ve read as many books as you.’

He looked away, seeming distracted, bored even. Elizabeth was keen not to end the conversation so abruptly this time.

‘You like books?’

‘Aye. Though I expect yer friend from Cape Town thought I couldn’t even read.’

‘Mrs Briars may think she has a superior education, but she’s an ignorant old… Sorry. I shouldn’t speak that way.’ She smiled. ‘She caught me reading Sons and Lovers and told me reading it would corrupt me.’

‘And have ye been corrupted?’ he smiled.

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