V blog iconCharacters in all three of my novels leave England by sea. In each case I had to carefully research the routes and the possible vessels they might have sailed on. Ginny in KURINJI FLOWERS has the most comfortable trip, travelling first class from London to Bombay on the RMS Viceroy of India one of the ships operated by the P&O Line. Sadly the Viceroy ended up on the bottom of sea when sunk by a u-boat in November 1942. This picture shows the ship in its prime on its way to India.

Michael and Elizabeth in A GREATER WORLD travel on a fictitious ship, The Historic, between Liverpool and Sydney. I based it on the Ceramic – another ship sunk during World Image of Old P & O Cruise LinerWar 2. I chose the name Historic as all the ships of the White Star Line had names ending in IC, including of course the Titanic. I don’t know why they never got round to Historic? The Ceramic was a single class ship, so I made the Historic that way too – a good way to ensure two people from different backgrounds would get to meet. No hanging off the prow with arms spread wide!

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