Photo of Montgomery Clift from the movie Wild RiverI took some time off yesterday to go to the South Bank to see a brilliant Montgomery Clift movie, Wild River, by Elia Kazan (1960). Monty plays an emotionally ¬†damaged and buttoned up man from the Tennessee Valley Authority who falls in love with Lee Remick’s character, a young widow.

There is tour de force performance from Jo Van Fleet as the obdurate grandmother who refuses to give up her home to make way for the new dam project. I was hoping to get some insights to help my own situation, with a colleague who is stubbornly refusing to sell something against all logic. Sadly not Рold Ella in the movie is eventually evicted and instead of settling  into her new home makes her mind up to die Рjust in time to be buried back on her island before the waters close over the top. Stirring stuff but not much help in solving my own dilemma.

If you get a chance to catch this film, do so. It’s an absolute gem. Set against an autumnal Tennessee backdrop with bigoted whites exploiting their black workers, Remick gives a show stopping performance as the passionate Carol, determined not to let go of Montgomery Clift. As well as a love story it’s a tale about progress (good and bad) and the opening up of the backwaters of Tennessee to the modern world.

Photo of Jo Van Fleet from the movie Wild river

I promised to give an update on progress in breaking through the fog of procrastination. Well I did just do it in the end and I’m pleased to report I’m still at it and am now well stuck in to the second draft of Kurinji Flowers.

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