Cartoon depicting procrastinationI’ve written before on my business blog about procrastination and how to cure it but it seems to be an example of the cobbler’ s children and their shoes. This week all my good intentions to really get stuck into my re-write of Kurinji Flowers, following the now long completed first draft, have all blown away like the leaves off the trees.

Instead I’ve become the mistress of displacement activity. Over the past week, I’ve cleaned out the understairs cupboard (convincing myself it was a metaphor for my mind!) and then on finding a dead mouse, I went a bit barmy and commissioned a carpenter to line the cupboard with plasterboard, put up shelves, lay a hardboard floor and paint the whole thing white (another metaphor?). Consequently it was inevittable that I would have to do a couple of  runs to the recycling centre to get rid of all the crap I had hidden in the black hole, plus a trip each to B&Q and Homebase to buy some storage boxes so I can start hoarding more crap! Not content with all that I have whiled away a few more hours changing my energy suppliers, renewing my car and house insurance, downloading OS-X Mountain Lion and hanging around facebook. I think I’ve now run out of totally tedious and pointless activities so after finishing this blog piece (yet another displacement activity) I am just going to have to knuckle down and start writing.

I’ll report back and let you know how it goes.

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