My second novel, KURINJI FLOWERS is set in the beautiful uplands of South India in the region now known as Kerala – tea planting country. While writing the book I went back to Kerala and lived in the middle of a tea plantation in a beautiful former planter’s bungalow. The place was surrounded on all sides by the tea gardens – here is the first time my main character, Ginny Dunbar sets eyes on them.

I looked through the open window. The vegetation on either side of the road had changed markedly. We had entered tea country. The slopes were now vivid green, regularly ribbed with darker parallel lines—pathways between the tea bushes. It was like a huge carpet of green corduroy velvet or the ripples on a wet sandy beach when the tide’s gone out. Protruding from the strips of green was the occasional big, grey boulder and areas where red soil was exposed, like bunkers on a golf course

Image of Indian Landscape

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