…it’s quite hard to get things done.
Today I went to see my mum and had a meeting about my other book Make it and Mend it with our publisher, There’s a lot still to be done and although we’re not published till October, there’s a short timeline and a lot to be written.
Meeting my mum was quite hard and I must admit I only stayed 25 minutes. She asked me how my mum was and stared at me in disbelief when I told her she was my mum. She enquired about my little ones and when I told her I have no children she told me there was plenty of time – I’m 58. While I was trying to talk with her, there was a woman in a wheel chair screaming ‘HELP”  and swearing she will die tonight; another asking if I could see the invisible woman standing beside her; and a third asking me how much a coat would cost her. When I suggested a price she said “OK I’ll have one please.” At least my mum seemed pleased to see meeven if she thinks I’m some vague aquaintance rather than her daught

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