Photo of Rocky Coastline on Corfu IslandGosh it’s hard to write when the sun’s shining like this. Easier and nicer to curl up in the garden with a book. I have however hammered out my 1000 words for today and yesterday – I’d lost momentum lately due to other commitments. And it will continue thus – as I’m off to sail around Corfu and across to Italy next week, returning via a weekend in Milan on 11th June. Hurray! Plenty of time on the boat to mull over the plot and an 8 hour train journey Brindisi to Milan so I can do some scribbling then. But otherwise I plan to lie in the sun, swim in that azure sea and do some painting.

My friend Anne Caborn kindly interviewed me last week for some videos to put on this site. I’ll get them up as soon as possible. Meanwhile Josie is still at work on the cover design for A Greater World – more on this soon. I ‘ve heard nothing from the agent who is on her third read-through. Maybe that’s a no – but then I thought that before and her silence was down to a stray email stuck in my spam filter. I live in hope!

As well as writing today and yesterday I’ve been researching – quite fun – into the toxicity of plants. I’m now not so sure it was such a good idea to plant three little beauties last week of what turns out to be one of the most poisonous plants on the planet. I now know how to have a long and painful death – or a long and painful hallucinogenic experience if I’m lucky and they get to me in time!

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