Photo of Clare Flynns StoryboardingI’ve been trying to crack a plot problem and it’s been driving me round the bend. I can’t even decide if I want to simplify the story or make it more complex. I’ve been going round and round in circles (correction – in a vortex of doom) and can’t seem to make any progress.

Today I decided to try something different – making a storyboard of the book. I’ve spent the whole afternoon building it with lots of pretty pictures dragged off the web and a brief outline of the aim of each scene. This struck me as a more fun way to approach a synopsis. Not sure that’s true – but it’s certainly a more complex and time consuming way. As I’m a visual person I think it may help me get a grip.

I’ve printed it off and now have a detailed (ish) breakdown of what’s happening throughout the book. Next step is to take the printout and use it to assess the highs and lows, peaks and troughs and changes of pace to make sure it’s not just a straight line – or flatlining… I can also juggle the order and scrap anything extraneous, see where the gaps are. I’m optimistic it’s going to be a help – but I need a chance to play with it before I can tell.

Anyone else tried this or something similar?

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