Image of a map of IndiaI’ve been babysitting my nephews tonight and once they went to bed (one with the tooth he lost this evening stashed safely under his pillow) I decided to get stuck into the new book, instead of watching the TV.

Good move – as I’m now up to almost 6000 words and Ginny, the protagonist, is about to leave England for India. I’ve just sat down, ready to watch the News and realise I’ve missed the Paxo programme on Empire – which may (or may not) prove to be useful research. Will have to catch up on iPlayer.

There’s a little feature in Scrivener that allows you to set writing targets and so I’ve set it for 1000 words a day. a bit ambitious as I know for a fact I’m not going to be writing much, if anything, over the next few days, as I have 2 days more location shooting for the Make it and Mend it book, and then 2 days with my great friend Jenn, from Australia and we’ll have plenty of catching up to do.

I like Scrivener, the programme I’m using to write the new novel, but wish there was a version called Scrivener Light, with a fraction of the features – as most of them are beyond my comprehension and I don’t have time to do tutorials. I’ve already managed to lose some notes – fortunately none of the text itself – but it’s not very intuitive. Still – anything is better than Word!

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