Image of Odeon Cinema in Harrogate

Image credit – Robert Wade

O blog IconMy characters Ginny and Tony, in Kurinji Flowers, have a first date at the newly opened (1936) Odeon cinema in Harrogate, now said to be one of Britain’s finest Modernist cinemas.

Sitting in the cinema in the dark beside Tony Tilman I wondered what it would be like to be kissed by him, to have those big muscular arms around me. I’d only ever kissed one man, unless you count Roddy MacBride when we were eight and played sardines at the Hendersons’. I was curious how it would feel with someone else, someone so different from Rupert.

About twenty minutes into the film, he reached for my hand and held it until the end. His skin was warm and his hands were large and I liked it. I felt safe with him. Strange to feel safe, you may say, but that’s how it was. Perhaps I was still unsettled by the recent events and there, in the dark cinema with Bing and Ethel warbling away on the screen, I felt looked after, cared for, secure.
(From Kurinji Flowers)

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