Watercolour painting of a market stallI’m feeling very smug as I’ve managed to write the grand total of 2381 words today, bringing the cumulative total to more than 16,500. Yay! It really feels great when you’re on a roll. I’m beginning to think my target of getting to 20k by the end of the week is achievable. I feel a bit bad talking about word count and targets – as it makes it sound like I’m on some kind of ghastly productivity drive. On the other hand, writing does require discipline and dedication and having some little victories to celebrate is always a help along the way. It also compensates for all those days when you have to squeeze every keystroke out like wringing an almost dry towel.

Today was mostly dialogue. I love writing dialogue and find when I get in the groove the characters just take control and I don’t have to do much work. I did do quite a bit of fact checking along the way. As the action is now in 1937 I find myself constantly checking etymological dictionaries. It’s so frustrating when you find the perfect word only to discover it’s an anachronism.

I wrote a bit about all the fabulous colourful fabrics in the covered market, then remembered Paxo on his Empire programme talking about Gandhi making a stand against the import of British fabrics, which was destroying the indigenous weaving industry. This meant a minor rewrite – but actually opened another door. The pictures here are ones I did when in Munnar last year – both in the covered market.

Watercolour painting of covered market in Munnar by Clare Flynn

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