Photo of a Waiting Room Sign on a brick wallI hate this time. I haven’t moved off the current book yet as I know I’ll have more work to do once I get comments back and so I can’t start work on the next one (and anyway I haven’t a clue yet what it will be about). As a resultĀ I feel a bit bereft. I have some ideas on improvements but don’t want to start making changes piecemeal as I end up getting tangled up – so better to hang on for feedback. But it feels so weird not sitting down each day to write.

Until the idea for Kurinji Flowers came to me one night I didn’t know I was going to set a book in India. It’s strange with me how in both instances the start point was a location. Maybe I should get some holiday brochures out! Actually I’m off to the Isles of Scilly in September – but I doubt that I’ll be basing the next one there.

Meanwhile it’s occurred to me that this website is set up around A Greater World and so perhaps I need to spend a bit of time reframing it to cover Kurinji Flowers too. That should keep me busy for a bit.

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