Photo of Beach on the Isles of ScillyI can’t believe my last blog entry was in July! – well, I’ve emerged at last from my voluntary purdah.

I’ve been putting the time to good use though – running off to the Isles of Scilly to paint and recharge my batteries, embarking on a house hunt with a view to relocating to the West Country (no luck so far), cranking out the sewing machine, researching my family tree and packing in some cultural stimulus – exhibitions, a rare trip to the opera and stuff like that.

Another exciting thing is that The Make it and Mend it book (published by David & Charles and co-authored with my MIAMI pals, Hilary, Clare and Anne) is now on sale – details on the Buy the Book page – so put it on your Christmas lists people!


Image of the front cover of the Book The Artists Way by Julia CameronThe other thing I’ve been up to is working through The Artist’s Way again. I love this book – a 12 week course to reactivate your creative juices. Some of the exercises are a bit plonky and there are too many references to God for my atheistic tastes (although she does say God is whatever you want it to be – your creative power indeed) but to me the most important things is the daily discipline of writing “morning pages” – 3 pages hand written about whatever is on your mind every morning as soon as you wake. I write all sorts of rubbish – remembered dreams, mini rants, diary-type stuff and (very occasionally) actual ideas for my writing. For me the power of the exercise is that you get all the crap out of your head and onto a page and that helps exorcise demons, work through issues, crystallise your thinking. In fact the idea to relocate seems to have floated straight out of those pages – as I wasn’t consciously aware I wanted to do that before. I’ve already filled one notebook and am well into my next and I even wrote my daily pages on holiday and when feeling ill. And it’s a great excuse for a bit of stationery indulgence – I use those lovely unruled Moleskine exercise books – called Cahier.


Photo Image of Cahier Excercise Books

I like the plain buff coloured ones best as they remind me of school exercise books. The paper quality (as with everything Moleskine) is fab-u-lous and that’s important if you use a fountain pen. My fave is a Lamy Vista – it writes beautifully and you can see when you’ll soon need to change the cartridge. This has turned into a bit of a stationery sales plug – but I don’t think I’m alone in having a passion for stationery – especially notebooks. And there’s nothing like Moleskine in my view.

All this is leading up to the fact that at last I am writing away again – a rewrite of some elements of A Greater World. I also have plans for the second draft of Kurinji Flowers and the germ of an idea for a third book – so The Artist’s Way must be working! More on all this in future posts.



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