I’m overcome with excitement that The Chalky Sea is finally seeing the light of day! I started writing the book just after I moved house and was working on it while having a new kitchen and bathroom and decorations throughout plus recovering from first a broken wrist and then a broken ankle!

The book is set in World War 2 mostly here in my hometown of Eastbourne on the English south coast. It tells the stories of Gwen, from Eastbourne, and Jim from Canada and how the war impacts their lives. Here’s the blurb –

In July 1940, Gwen Collingwood drops her husband at the railway station, knowing she may never see him again. Two days later her humdrum world is torn apart when the sleepy English seaside town where she lives is subjected to the first of many heavy bombing attacks.

In Ontario, Canada, Jim Armstrong is debating whether to volunteer. His decision becomes clear when he uncovers the secret his fiancée has been keeping from him. A few weeks later he is on a ship bound for England.

Gwen is forced to confront the truth she has concealed about her past and her own feelings. Jim battles with a bewildering and hostile world far removed from the cosy life of his Canadian farm. War brings horror and loss to each of them – can it also bring change and salvation?

The Chalky Sea is published on 1st July but is now available to pre-order on Amazon for the special launch price of $2.99 (£2.99) Just click here to order your copy before the price goes up after publication day.

Image of the front cover of the novel 'The Chalky Sea' by Clare Flynn

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