I am delighted to be a guest on the Indie BRAG Christmas Blog Hop this year – and am proud to be the holder of two BRAG Medallions for A Greater World and Kurinji Flowers.

What is a Christmas tradition you and your family have? 
This will (all being well) be the last Christmas I spend in my lovely home in Chiswick in London – as in January I will be moving to the seaside. My Christmas morning river walk by the Thames on Chiswick Mall will be replaced with a stroll past the bandstand on the seafront at Eastbourne – where they always have a band playing on Christmas morning.

Bandstand on Eastbourne Sea Front

Image of Tangerine on a Napkin With 50pence Piece

Another family tradition is the Boxing Day walk along the Hamble River down in Hampshire. This involves a long walk, a short ferry crossing and lunch in a pub. A couple of years ago we had to retreat halfway along the walk due to flooding – we didn’t miss out on the pub though – we took the car and drove around to the other side.

What is or was your favourite stocking gift(s)? 
When my siblings and I were small, my mother always protested that we shouldn’t waste our pocket money buying Christmas gifts for her. Her request was that all she wanted was “a 50 pence piece and a handkerchief”. One year we decided to take her at her word and we all carefully wrapped up hankies and 50p coins. Since then it has gone into family history and we often threaten each other with that as a gift or say “I’ve just got you 50p and a hankie”.
The other tradition which must trace to the second world war when fruit was scarce in Britain and citrus non-existent (I was born in the decade after the War) was for Santa to leave a satsuma orange in the toe of everyone’s Christmas stocking. As kids we were all very disdainful of this – leaping instead on the chocloate coins and other goodies.

Have you ever taken a Christmas Vacation somewhere? If so, where?
I have only twice spent Christmas outside the UK. The first time was when my father took the whole family (Mum plus 5 kids) to Southern Spain to celebrate his retirement. It felt very strange lying on the patio in the sunshine while the turkey was cooking. The small oranges for our Christmas stockings were actually growing on the trees.
A few years ago I spent 6 months living and working in Australia and enjoyed Christmas in the hot humid climate of Brisbane where my brother and his wife and four children live. It was delightful to spend Christmas with them – but I will never get used to temperatures in the high 40ºs C at Christmas. Sorry, but it’s just weird!

Egg Nog or Cocoa?
Neither! It has to be Prosecco on Christmas morning while opening presents.

What is your favorite part of Christmas day?
I love Christmas lunch – turkey and all the trimmings. I’ve been trying to get my family to try a  goose one year but they all look at me in horror.

What’s your favourite Christmas Movie?
I will be spending Christmas with my younger sister who is a member of the British Academy of Film and TV Awards (Bafta) and she gets an enormous pile of DVDs to view and judge in the run-up to Christmas so, if I’m lucky, I’ll get to watch a couple of the newly released or about-to-be-released movies with her.

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​Merry Christmas!

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