Photo of a husband and Wife at an Indian WeddingWhen I first went to India – to Tamil Nadu – I was invited to a reception following a wedding. I had been to an Indian wedding once before in London – that of my friend Bhanita – but this ¬†was for a couple I didn’t even know! I was staying at a yoga retreat and the invitation was extended to us all. It was in Ooty – about 15 miles away and was a splendid affair in a hotel. We all queued up to greet the happy couple and then were treated to a sumptuous buffet. Today I borrowed this experience for the wedding of Dr Banerji in the book – particularly the beautiful clothing of the bride and groom – this is one of my photographs – shame about the elbow.

I decided I need more mood music, so today I’m listening to Ravi Shankar – music from 1937 onwards. As the book has now reached 1939 that seems appropriate – although it’s beginning to do my head in. I feel like I’m in an Indian restaurant. Next thing I’ll be papering the office with red flock wallpaper and murals of the Taj Mahal.

I’ve been doing my 1000 words a day fairly religiously – but off to Cambridge for the weekend tomorrow so it’s a rest until Monday. I’m now up to 38,500 words and still on track to finish the first draft by September. A week of hard labour is going to be needed – probably in July – to make up for the fact that I’ll be skiving off on a yacht sailing round Corfu in June. Yippee!

I’m also getting more comfortable using Scrivener – although I do need to do a back up. Now I’ve got the hang of it I’m loving the Cork Board – ¬†little index cards of the key plot elements – you can move them around and the related parts of the MMS move around with them. I’m probably only using about 10% of its capability but I want to write, not study videos and manuals!


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