H Blog IconI stole the High Range Club as the blueprint for the Planters’ Club in Kurinji Flowers. You can read about me infiltrating its hallowed portals on my fact finding mission here
The club was named for the beautiful uplands you can see on the photograph above – although in fact it’s in flat marshy land just outside the town of Munnar. here is Ginny being shown around the Planters’ Club on her first night in her new home:

I looked around for Tony, but he was deep in conversation with Lilian’s husband, Theo. She steered me past them, her hand gripping my elbow, ensuring there was no escape. She led me along corridors lined with sporting trophies and wooden honour boards that listed past club secretaries in gold lettering. She pointed out the card room, the reading room, the skittle alley, then let me peek through the glass panel in the door to the gentlemen’s bar – a hallowed “Men Only” sanctum we were not permitted to penetrate, and which was evidently a mausoleum for murdered wildlife, judging by the trophies on the dark, wood-panelled walls. She showed me the ladies’ bar—tiny, the billiard rooms—two, both huge, until, eventually, we entered a book-lined room with a roaring fire and only one occupant ensconced in a wing chair.
As soon as she saw him, Lilian tried to propel me back towards the door. Too late. He lowered his newspaper and his commanding voice stopped her in her tracks. It was deep and resonant like a double bass, and very plummy.
‘Put her down, Lilian, and let me have a proper look at her.’
(From Kurinji Flowers)

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