Photo of a dinner gown displayed on a mannequinI got on a bit of a roll today. Last night with a few minutes to spare before watching The Bridge (my current Saturday night Danish detective fix), I started to scribble some ideas down to help break a bit of a plot impasse.  I got so involved I missed the beginning (it was set to record anyway) and ended up scribbling away notes until bedtime. Eureka! It’s all flowing along nicely today.

There’s a disastrous dinner party about to happen in the book, so I wanted Ginny to have something nice to wear. I based her gown on this gorgeous Vionnet number from the Metropolitan Museum. A little beauty that requires the absence of so much as an ounce of fat in the wearer. Gorgeous as the dress is I somehow doubt poor Ginny will want to go anywhere near it again…

So as it’s Sunday here’s the progress update for the week. Now at over 26,000 words. Yippee.

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