Photo of Clare Flynns Photographer outside in snowy conditionsI’m afraid I’ve been neglecting the new book, the current book and this blog. It’s because I’ve been busy working on yet another book – the Make it and Mend it one. Yesterday was the first photo shoot and the publisher’s deadline for the manuscript is next Tuesday. Sian the photographer is in the photo. It was bloody freezing!

On top of that, things are quite lively on the consultancy front – February always seems to be busy for me – maybe it’s early in most companies’ fiscal years and they’ve still got plenty of money to spend. It could also be that everyone’s been holding back with all the financial uncertainty – but you can’t sit tight forever – businesses need to be nurtured.
I expect it’s unlikely that I’ll get any serious writing done this month so I’m not going to beat myself up about it. And importantly I and ┬ámulling it all over in my head. Well I would say that wouldn’t I?

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