This is an offer you can’t afford to miss out on! Following the success of the Free Reads for Smart Women promotion in February, a group of twelve of us have got together to share a free e-book together with Book Club discussion questions. That’s a whole year’s worth of stimulating reading. There’s a wide range of genres – contemporary fiction, crime, mystery, short stories, historical and thriller – something for all tastes, and each book offers quality reading that will provoke debate and discussion. Get the books here.

To give you a flavour of each book, here’s a little video. Remember you can download as many as you fancy – or all of them.

To give you some idea of the authors involved :-
Jane Davis – I Stopped Time. Jane is a very talented author and former winner of the Daily Mail First Novel Award. She is interviewed on my blog here
Tim Vicary – A Game of Proof. Tim is a former university lecturer who writes legal thrillers and historical fiction. This is the first in his barrister, Sarah Newby, legal thrillers. I’m reading it now.
Merryn Allingham – The Button Maker’s Daughter. This is Merryn’s latest novel and is set in the summer before WW1. Read about the background to the book on my blog here
Kristin Gleeson – Along the Far Shores. From Philadelphia but now living in Ireland, Kristen has a PhD in History. Her book is set in both Ireland and America in the 12th century
Davina Blake – Past Encounters. Davina is the alter ego of historical novelist Deborah Swift. This book is set in WW2 and explores the psychological effects of war.
Virginia King – The First Lie. Virginia lives in the Blue Mountains of Australia (setting of my book A Greater World). Her free book is a psychological thriller with a mystical twist.
Rupert Colley – This Time Tomorrow. Author of the Harper Collins’ series History in an Hour, Rupert also writes historical fiction, focusing mainly on 20th century and war – this one WW1
Victoria Dougherty – Welcome to the Hotel Yalta. Living in Virginia, her parents escaped communist Czechoslovakia and she writes about lovers, killers, curses and destinies.
Jean Gill – More than One Kind. Jean is Welsh and lives in France with her husband, a couple of beehives and two huge dogs. Read my interview with Jean here
Debbie Young – Marry in Haste. Debbie is a short story writer who has recently branched out into writing cosy mysteries. She is the director of the Hawkesbury-Upton Literary Festival.
Helena Halme – Coffee and Vodka. Helen is a Finn who has lived for years in England and turned her marriage to a British naval officer into raw material for a series of novels. Read about her here

And making up the dozen is my own Letters from a Patchwork Quilt – a story inspired by elements of my own family history.

This unmissable offer is officially available from 7th to 10th April – but I’m telling followers of my blog today so you can get in a bit early! Hurry – don’t miss out! To get all the books just click here to the page which is being hosted for us by Deborah Swift (aka Davina Blake).
You can also join us and other readers on our Facebook Forum to discuss any of the books. The authors will be dropping in to join the discussion and to answer any questions.

Please share this offer to anyone you think might be interested . Happy reading!

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