I got the MMS back from the lovely Lis who has been editing it for me. Interesting how you discover things about yourself – that what I had thought was an anal obsession with commas is in fact a serious neglect of them – in particular when using a proper name. Miss Ledger, my English teacher would not have been happy. The good news is so far – apart from the absence of commas and other punctuational mishaps, I’ve not done too badly. One or two strange word usages – brain wires misfiring I suspect.

This afternoon Josie the designer sent through her treatments for the cover – looking good. She’s off to India on Friday and the model she was hoping to use for the cover tomorrow has gone and double booked herself so I may now have to wait for a month. But plenty for me to get on with in the interim.

photo of shoot for makit and mendit at Clares HomeYesterday I got nothing done on the book, ¬†as for the past 2 days we’ve been shooting again for the Make it and Mend it book, this time chez moi. I haven’t been so knackered in years. We were doing food on Monday and a mix of food and sewing yesterday. I was in a state of collapse by the time they left last night and the ktichen floor could have had a starring role as the before shot of a Flash commercial. And believe me I know, as I was once the Flash Brand Manager – and used to think floors that dirty were surely an exaggeration. Not if you bake loaves, make truffles, hot cross buns, stained glass biscuits, salt dough decorations, blackberry jam, Valentine’s heart shaped cake pops, plus endless supplies of tea and coffees and have a cream ceramic tiled kitchen floor and five people in the room.


Photo of Food Cooking In Clares Oven

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