E Blog IconThe bandstand in the picture was built in 1935 – so it was brand new when the characters from my second novel, Kurinji Flowers spent their honeymoon in Eastbourne in 1936.

They stay at the Grand Hotel, from where at that time the BBC Palm Court Orchestra broadcast.
Here’s Ginny’s first impression of Eastbourne, walking along the seafront:

The next morning, when I emerged from the bathroom, Tony was still comatose. His Hollywood-handsome face was covered with a dusting of stubble, but he looked as peaceful as a sleeping baby and I decided not to wake him. I went for a walk along the seafront past the newly built bandstand, with its lines of empty deck chairs, as the winter sea crashed loudly against the shingle of the beach. The sky was heavy and an icy wind blew in off the Channel over the regimented beds of the Carpet Gardens.

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