I am ashamed to say I haven’t done any blogging since June – and that was a post I had prepared earlier. I do have the excuse of breaking my wrist in May but to be honest I have been happily typing away since late June.

The problem is that I’d rather get on with the next book than blog about it or the research that’s going into it – and the days turn into weeks and the weeks into months…..

So I’ve decided that rather than beating myself up about it I’ll change my approach. I’ll write a blog post if the fancy takes me and I have something to say or share.  But most of the time I am going to use the blog for a mixture of guest articles and interviews with other authors.

This is going to kick off tomorrow when I’m delighted to be hosting Carol Cooper. Carol is a GP and the resident medical voice of the Sun newspaper and is often on TV and other newspapers and magazine talking doctorly matters). She’s the author of many medical text books but being a superlative writer and the possessor of a very sharp wit she is also a highly acclaimed author of contemporary fiction. Read Carol’s piece tomorrow on every author’s dilemma – how to balance self-promotion with modesty.

Image of front cover of the novel 'The Green Ribbons" by Clare FlynnClare’s latest novel, The Green Ribbons, is available from Amazon and other online retailers or can be ordered from your local bookstore.

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