Just a quick update to explain my six months plus absence. The bike that I was so looking forward to using and wrote about here was the cause. One Sunday evening cycling back from a match at Stamford Bridge I had a mishap in an underpass and ended up in A&E with a smashed up tibial plateau. An operation to put me back together again (my X-rays look like Meccano) was followed by 3 month’s house arrest – while I was non weight-bearing. Now almost six months later I am still walking with a stick and having physiotherapy and I reckon it will be the end of the year before I feel normal again (assuming I do!).

In theory this should have not interrupted my writing or posting on here – but it did. I just didn’t feel like it! It’s weird how an injury like that has repercussions beyond the physical impact of broken and healing bones – it’s also a blow to confidence.

But hell! I’m back now!

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