Photo of Clare Flynns LaptopToday’s been incredibly frustrating – one of those bloody awful days stuck on the end of a premium rated line trying to get someone to understand my problems (a week of no phone and intermittent loss of internet and cable TV) despite their inability to communicate with the rest of their organisation and my inability to understand heavy Scottish and Indian accents. Despite that, or possibly because of it, I’ve managed to get a bit more done today on the new book and am now over 11,000 words. Not that this is a race or anything.

I’ve discovered my heroine, Ginny, has a mind of her own and as she is speaking in the first person I’m finding she tends to take me off in directions that were not quite as planned in my original outline. She started out in my fiendish masterplan as a rather sad figure, but she’s actually turning into a bit of a bad girl. Or at least a bit of a crazy mixed up one. Who am I to argue with her?

Apart from today and a bit over the weekend I’ve not had much chance to write. When the sun’s shining it’s criminal not to be doing some gardening – and I was in a meeting all day yesterday, at my life drawing group last night and last week having more paid fun with leather shoes and handbags – this time in the middle of Denmark.

I thought I’d actually arrived in India now with the book, but Ginny, the wilful heroine, is having none of it and has dragged me back on board the Viceroy of India. I really must get on with the story though.

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