Image of a pie chart It’s all been a bit of a slog this week. I’m definitely off the boil – probably as I’m distracted by my consultancy work – and as that’s what pays the bills…

Nonetheless I’ve managed to press on and I’m now over 19,400 words – even though I feel a bit as though I’m treading water. I hope that next week I can catch another wave.

Writing this helps focus me on keeping going. And that horrible little pie chart is part of that process.

I’ve also been mulling over whether to stop the consulting and focus on doing the writing (plus Make it and Mend it of course). On the one hand I’d be free to fling myself at it wholeheartedly – total immersion without interruption. On the other hand I enjoy my consulting and it does get me out of the house! At the moment I’m working with two clients and they’re very different projects – one in the world of fashion – in the marketing and innovation field and the other in petrol retailing and supply chain – and it’s in the HR and employee relations field. Both are a long way from Indian tea plantations in the 1930s.

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