I’m thrilled to announce that I have got together with eleven brilliant authors to create a blockbuster promotion. Each of us is offering a free book and you can download all or any of them from this page, hosted by author friend Helena Halme, between 24th and 28th February. I have read many of the books – or others by the same authors (and plan to read all of them) and can say hand on heart that they are all first rate reads. They would have to be as I hand-picked the participants!

Have a look at this very short (less than 2 minutes) video to get a picture of all the books involved.


To give you some idea of the authors involved :-

  • Lorna Fergusson, An Oxford Vengeance (historical) I’m reading this collection of historical short stories now and am thoroughly enjoying them – evocative and richly descriptive tales, one of which, Salt, won the HNS conference Short Story prize in 2014
  • Jane Davis, An Unknown Woman (contemporary)  I’ve read two of Jane’s extremely well-written novels (although not yet this one – can’t wait!) – I interviewed her on this blog recently – read it here
  • Laura Morelli, Bridge of Sighs (historical)  I haven’t read this yet – it will be next – who doesn’t love Venice? Laura is American and is an art historian and travel writer as well as a novelist.
  • Alison Morton, Inceptio (thriller) The first book in the Roma Nova series – which transplants ancient Rome and its customs into the 21st century – with a kickass heroine.
  • JJ Marsh, Raw Material (crime) Can’t wait to read this. I loved Human Rites in the same series and her detective, DI Beatrice Stubbs.
  • Jean Gill Song at Dawn (historical thriller) – another on my to read list. I interviewed Jean last week – read it here
  • Jessica Bell, The Book (literary) – rockstar, author, publisher, designer, singer-songwriter, poet. There is no end to her talents! Looking forward to reading more of her “beautiful ugly words”
  • Merryn Allingham,The Crystal Cage (historical) was a recent guest here on the blog and is a hugely successful saga author. Read her post here
  • Helena Halme, The Englishman (romance) has the amazing ability to be Finnish and yet write so well  in English. I talked to her recently about how she turns her own life into fiction. Read how here
  • Liza Perrat, Wolfsangel (historical) is an Aussie living in France. I read Blood Rose Angel recently and loved it so I know I am going to love this one – set in Occupied France.
  • Debbie Young, Marry in Haste (humour) writes great short stories. I read this collection about love and marriage a while ago and loved the wry wit and humour of her clever writing
  • And then there’s me. If you haven’t read A Greater World yet, now’s your chance. It has (as of today) 155 5-star reviews on Amazon in the USA and UK

Image of poster for the novel 'A Greater World' by Clare Flynn

So get stuck in and download the books for a cracking good series of reads. En

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