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A Fine Pair of Shoes

Banner Image of the front cover of The Novel "A Fine Pair of Shoes" by Clare Flynn

 “A recommended book that I’d put on my ‘curl up and read’ shelf.”

-Goodreads Reviewer

Some of these stories plunder my own family history. A Fine Pair of Shoes started out with my wish to capture and embroider the bare bones of the story of my paternal great-great-grandparents’ trip to The Great Exhibition of 1851. I gave the story away to readers of my books and then decided, on the strength of the feedback, to write a few more.

The Proposal is based on the tragic death of my own maternal grandfather, killed on the Liverpool docks in 1934 when my mother was six.

I have also stolen snippets from my grandfather’s correspondence and embroidered them for The Glass of Milk and The Old Pal’s Reunion. He died when my Dad was only thirteen so I never knew got the chance to know him but his letters have given me an insight into his life and his sense of humour.

My novels have so far all been historical but some of these stories are contemporary. I hope you enjoy them. From a trailer home somewhere in the USA to the streets of the left bank of Paris and a tropical island paradise, the stories all have a grain of truth in them.

I have also included the two opening chapters to my new novel, The Chalky Sea which is published later in 2017. It’s set on the Sussex coast in World War 2.
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Book Details

Published: June 9th 2017

Publisher: Cranbrook Press

ISBN: 978-0-9933324-4-9


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